An Editors Night Out


Sullivan Whitley, Page Editor

This past Friday night, my fellow editors and I went out “socialite style” (term
coined by Eve Liu, Managing Editor) in downtown Minneapolis to investigate if
Black Sheep Pizza is all that it is cracked up to be. Strictly business.

Kidding. We all consider eating a hobby.

Upon arriving, we were greeted by the mouthwatering smell of pizza cooking in
hot ovens. The small, cozy and verging on uncomfortably hot environment matched
the warm smell of pizza. On a Friday night at 7, it was packed. We waited a solid 30
minutes before being seated, but surprisingly, there is no complaint there. Since
the restaurant does not take reservations, there is always a chance one might
have to wait a few minutes before being seated—but like I said; the wait was not
uncomfortable in the least. You were able to get drinks whilst standing and talking
amongst friends, adding to the comfortable and friendly vibe of the restaurant.

Once seated, we did not waste a minute; right to analyzing the menu. My
companions chose to order a Chop Salad first—something that the others loved
but I would not get near to, due to a fear of lettuce. We then preceded to order four
pizzas. A number two; a sauce only pizza, a number three; a pizza with hot salami
and dried chili peppers, a number seven; topped with oyster mushroom, smoked
mozzarella, rosemary and garlic and lastly we created our own pizza with smoked
mozzarella, Canadian bacon, green peppers and onions. Each pizza was absolutely
delicious and the seven of us finished every last slice. And to top off (pizza pun) a
delicious experience, we were all shocked to see how affordable the check came out
to be!

So, if you are wise, you will head on down to Washington Avenue “socialite style”
and order a Number Three.