Hypochondriacs and Germophobes at Blake: What scares 9th graders

Anneliese Moore, Contributing Writer

Hypochondria is defined as: abnormal anxiety about one’s health. Germophobia, better known as mysophobia, is defined as an abnormal fear of dirt or contamination. Do any of these definitions ring true for you? Apparently many of us have little quirks and fears related to hypochondria and “germophobia”. That’s okay. When I asked this question to several students at Blake, here’s what they said:

Maxine Whitely ’16 says, “In airplanes, I hate when people are sick and cough really loud without covering their mouths.”

Isabel Hall ’16 says, “I hate when people take my spoon when I’m eating ice cream.”

Evelyn Hinke ’16 says, “I get scared when people who are obviously sick hang around me and get me sick too.”

Lucy Nelson ’16 says, “Public bathrooms freak me out. I cannot use porta-potties, so instead I pee in the woods.”

My advice… Make sure to pack some Purell in your pocket!