What your font says about you

Because it says a lot

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer

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Times New Roman –

You are a classic. You’re on top of your school life and a late assignment is a foreign topic. You strive for excellence in all that you do.


You’re a step below Times New Roman. Always in reaching distance of perfection but never to Times New Roman standards.

Wingdings – 

You’re a joke. That isn’t a bad thing though. You approach life with a childish and carefree attitude, exercising the art of spontaneity daily.

Comic Sans

Although you may be in high school at heart, you’re a child. You’re nostalgic for the snacks, crayons, and nap time that came with elementary school.

Futura Heavy Oblique

You’re undeniably a hypebeast.


You’re the epitome of extra.

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