The News of The Blake School Since 1916

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The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

What’s new in School

Will Lyman, Staff Writer October 4, 2017

As fall sets upon Blake, the opening of the school year drives forward an enthusiasm to discover new experiences and relationships. Among the excitement of the first week, came many shocks to the student...

Best shows on TV

Penelope Winton, Editor in Chief October 3, 2017

Comedy Central’s Broad City follows the lives of eclectic roommates Abbi and Ilana as they navigate their hectic lives in New York City. Dealing with seemingly trivial problems that range from fixing...

What your font says about you

What your font says about you

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer April 28, 2017

Times New Roman – You are a classic. You’re on top of your school life and a late assignment is a foreign topic. You strive for excellence in all that you do. Arial – You’re a step below Times...

Dear Barack

Dear Barack

Frieda Liston, Contributing Writer March 22, 2017

Dear Barack Obama,   Please come back to us.   There is much we must discuss Like national security And all the other obscurity.   We are sorry for what we might...

Firmly rejected headlines

Firmly rejected headlines

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer March 20, 2017

Who squeals louder, the pigs or the freshmen dissecting it?   The Bunion debates shutting down due to the use of Knock Knock jokes in assembly    Bold individuals decide that weather...

Students carbo-load at Canes

Students carbo-load at Cane’s

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer March 13, 2017

An undeniable frenzy has been sweeping the school halls. Students from all grades and walks of life have gathered to worship at the altar of none other than chicken tenders. The effect of this phenomenon...

Summer, A Social Construct

Maya Chadda, Staff Writer December 8, 2016

Show off those pale ashy legs with some timeless “Jorts” or classic Nike Athletic shorts. Shorts aren’t just for summer, and with Blake’s bipolar heating there is no reason not to take off...

Desperate measures necessary for students to avoid being tardy

William Lyman, Staff Writer November 2, 2016

You sprint up the steps leading into the school building. You throw open the doors and are met with the confused face of a freshman trying to figure out the code. The freshman starts to enter random numbers,...

Tripp Markusen ‘19, C.U.N. leader, sports protest shirt at school.

Student body holds peanut revolution

William Lyman, Contributing Writer September 29, 2016

Following the announcement that Blake would go nut free this year, some students have started an illegal nut smuggling organization to fulfill their nutty needs and get the sustenance they desire. Many...

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