Best shows on TV

Comedies you haven’t heard of that you should… hear of

Penelope Winton, Editor in Chief

Comedy Central’s Broad City follows the lives of eclectic roommates Abbi and Ilana as they navigate their hectic lives in New York City.

Dealing with seemingly trivial problems that range from fixing the AC to dropping bike locks down the sewer grate, executive producer Amy Poehler expertly grapples with the comedic nuances of life in the city and the bizarre circumstances that follow.

How you can watch Broad City: Sign up for your 3,000th Hulu free trial with your long-forgotten elementary school email.

photo credit: Comedy Central

Julia Louise Dreyfus plays the hilariously cynical Senator Selina Meyer in HBO’s Veep, a satirical comedy following the politician’s arduous journey to becoming Vice President of the United States.

Meyer and her dysfunctional staff deal with an unruly Senate while fighting yet another battle on the home front, attempting to manage her nonconformist hippy-daughter and the aftermath of a messy divorce in the face of her campaign for office.   

Veep is perfect for anyone who’s  fed up with our actual state of political affairs, or someone who’s watched a few too many episodes of House of Cards. Same government building, same Congressional woes, just fewer… sketchy murders.

photo credit: HBO

Comedy Central series Nathan for You follows comedian Nathan Fielder on an entrepreneurial journey consulting local businesses on how to improve their services. But, the catch is. . .his advice is horrible.

Responsible for Dumb Starbucks, a chain of parodical coffee shops that caught major media attention in 2014, Fielder has hosted the wacky innovations of countless of small companies in the name of his show.

The best part of the documentary-style comedy is that his clients have no idea that his incredibly awkward personality is an act–their discomfort practically radiates from the TV screen.

photo credit: Comedy Central