Students carbo-load at Cane’s

Maya Chadda , Staff Writer

An undeniable frenzy has been sweeping the school halls.

Students from all grades and walks of life have gathered to worship at the altar of none other than chicken tenders.

The effect of this phenomenon was clearly shown when an anonymous senior entered the school with Cane’s in hand for lunch.

Foolishly, the anonymous senior abandoned their Cane’s feast in the  senior lounge, only to return to an empty Styrofoam container.

Crisp chicken accompanied by golden toast and fries has made an impact on this community greater than that of any academic department. From the tenders to even the ice, Cane’s has proven to be a culinary masterpiece. It’s arguable that Cane’s has been classified not simply as a meal, but a spiritual experience.   Josh Wilson ‘18, one of the school’s most notorious Cane’s enthusiasts, advocates, “What makes Cane’s, Cane’s, is the sauce.”

He continues describing other aspects of the meal of champions. Trying not to get too lost in the sauce, he states, “The chicken is heaven: crispy and warm.” Wilson speaks for many people when he says, “Cane’s is simply perfection.”

Chicken, fries, and bread have taken the school by storm leaving cult favorites, such as Punch and Chipotle in the dust.

If you are looking for not simply a meal but a religious experience, stop by your nearest Cane’s location. This frenzy absolutely cannot be avoided, so do the right thing and eat Cane’s.