Ask Alyssa

Yours truly on what to do this summer

Ask Alyssa

Alyssa Story, News Editor


How can I make it look like I’m actually having fun this summer?


     Great question! As the year comes to a close, it’s normal to worry about being bored in the summer, or worse, your Instagram consequently becoming obsolete.

     It’s essential to your teenage lifestyle to keep your feed poppin’ and inspiring. To insure the best pictures, you must think long and hard about every aspect of your summer.

     First, you must cut out anyone holding you back in your life. This means anyone who has less than 500 followers. This also means anyone who doesn’t have an aesthetic, a VSCO profile, or posts more than picture a day.

     Second, you need to have something to post about. This means going to cool, expensive gatherings. Some of the best activities include; Trendy 5k-s, eating brunch, standing in front of uptown murals, hanging out on other people’s boats or cabins, and evening bonfires. All of these ensure a fantastic photo-op! It is essential to not attend these alone, so go with your friends.

     If you don’t have friends to accompany you to these activities (riding solo is never an option), accessorize your feed with white washed pictures of your fake succulent, cup of coffee, whatever avocado – filled meal you’ve made, or your hotdog legs.

     Also, it is essential to have a cohesive look to your feed. The fastest and easiest way is to use a filter (think VSCO and Afterlight). Don’t lessen yourself with the Instagram filters. You are better than that, you deserve better.

     The last and probably the most important step is that your captions must be on point. Professionals recommend spending one hour a day crafting various captions for any situation. Some of the best include whatever day of the week it is, a single emoji, or a song lyric.