New scoops at La La Ice Cream


A scoop of Charlotte’s web, a creamy flavor swirled with toasted coconut and chocolate chips.

As a die-hard Sebastian Joe’s fan, it breaks my heart to say it, but I think La La Ice Cream may have become, or at least tie my original love, for the position of top ice cream spot in Minneapolis.

Located just outside of central Uptown on Hennepin Avenue, La La Ice Cream features homemade ice cream in a variety original to classic flavors. From Purple Reign, a grape based ice cream with white chocolate chips and raspberries named in honor of Minnesota’s own, Prince, to more basic flavors like chocolate or vanilla, La La offers a rotation of 16 flavors that vary with the season.

Additionally, homemade sodas in 15 different flavors are sold and can also be ordered as soda floats: a big scoop of La La’s homemade ice cream in their homemade soda.

The ice cream can be found around the Twin Cities beyond their Uptown location. Being a local and homemade company, La La serves its ice cream at many different food festivals and gatherings around the metro. Check out their website for more details regarding their current flavors and food festival whereabouts this summer.