Pho Hao review

Must-try Vietnamese food only 7 minute drive from school


Ian Acheson

Pho Hao is an international chain with only one restaurant in Minnesota.

Ian Acheson, Contributing Writer

Pho Hao is a Vietnamese restaurant that centers around noodle soups and rice dishes. The only branch of this international chain in Minnesota is located on eat street at 2450 Nicollet Ave, a 7-minute drive from school.

The environment of the restaurant is small yet efficient. The staff is helpful and friendly! The first standout is the quality of the drinks. The Thai tea ($3.60) is invigorating with just the right amount of sweetness. The strawberry tapioca bubble smoothie ($4.50)  is very refreshing with a strong fruit flavor and texture from the tapioca bubbles.

The food at Pho Hao is also very delicious. Pho is a Vietnamese soup that contains rice noodles, broth, herbs, and sometimes protein most commonly beef or chicken. The pho at Pho Hao is full of flavor with the broth being the highlight. Along with it tasting great, the pho also contains no MSG (except beef broth which contains 0.1%) making it a healthier option.

With the great tasting food, a regular sized pho is $8.55 and a large size pho is $9.75 (which is very large). In my experience visiting Pho Hao, I left school at 3:02 and walked out of the restaurant door with my to go bag at 3:18. Based on my experience, Pho Hao should be including in any Blake student’s list of places with good food and drinks close to school.