A guide to Hennepin Avenue

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Lowry Hill Meats – 1934 Hennepin Avenue

Featuring glass cases displaying meats and cheeses and a blackboard menu of unique sandwiches, Lowry Hill Meats fuses a traditional butcher shop with a modern restaurant. Standouts include the Buttered Radish Sandwich with spicy vegetables and no meat, the burger, and the grilled cheese. Lowry Hill Meats facilitates strong relationships with local farms to source its dairy and vegetables. These incredibly fresh and local ingredients give the sandwiches another layer of flavor normally not found in sandwiches. Additionally, the creative condiments add to the amazing flavors. The roast beef sandwich includes beets, horseradish, and red onion. Overall, Lowry Hill Meats is the perfect place to grab a sandwich for lunch and definitely deserves a visit.


Namaste Cafe – 2512 Hennepin Avenue

You may have never noticed Namaste Cafe located on 25th and Hennepin because, from the outside, it just looks like a plain red and white house. However, on the inside, it is an authentic, Nepalese sit-down restaurant fitted with a friendly staff and local foodies! In addition to their traditional Nepalese curries, Namaste Cafe provides an extensive selection of chai lattes, such as the vanilla nutmeg and spicy masala. The staff and kitchen are very accommodating to any dietary restrictions you may have, making Namaste an easy place to eat with a group. The spice of their dishes ranges from 0-5 upon your request. Large portion sizes and bottomless rice ensure that you will definitely be eating leftovers for the rest of the week!


Isle Buns & Coffee – 1424 W 28th Street

Isles Bun and Coffee is the quintessential neighborhood bakery. Its small size, incredible food, and local coffee contribute to the warm environment. Isles Bun and Coffee is famous for its take on the cinnamon roll: The Puppy Dog Tail ($1.50). The Puppy Dog Tail is made with fresh dough, cinnamon, and most importantly, frosting—the more, the better! Isles Bun and Coffee is also known for their Carrot Cake ($4.00). And while their wait times can be long, especially in the mornings, and seating is limited, Isles Bun and Coffee’s atmosphere, delicious baked goods, and hot coffee make it the perfect staple bakery.


Fig + Farro – 3001 Hennepin Avenue S

This recently debuted “global vegetarian comfort food” restaurant serves the most delicious plates of various cultures, featuring dishes from worldwide cuisines, all with a vegetarian, and in most cases, vegan twist. Fig and Farro’s alternative interior design carries a hipster aesthetic throughout the varying dining spaces, from tableless socializing booths, to traditional dinner tables, to a more private floored seating area. Aside from their diverse daily menu, Fig and Farro offers a spectacular brunch menu, served until 5pm! For vegans, almost anything on the menu can be customized if it isn’t already vegan-friendly. Additionally, the dessert menu is completely plant based and flavorful, including traditional indulgences such as a rich chocolate mousse.  A downside of the restaurant is that it is suggested to get 2-3 dishes for “the global experience,” which can become pricey,  but regardless, you will leave feeling satisfied with the food experience rather than guilty due to the price.


Amazing Thailand – 3024 Hennepin Avenue

The food at Amazing Thailand does not fall short of its name. Amazing Thailand has a lunch special that includes an appetizer and a noodle of rice dish ranging in price from $7.95 to $10.95. However, the fact that this is a lunch special does not take away from the gigantic portions; whether you dine for lunch or dinner, you will definitely be leaving with a food baby and leftovers! A standout was the lychee smoothie which tasted just like the unique and delicious fruit! Besides the slow and unorganized service, the food and decor both contributed to an authentic experience at this “amazing” Thai restaurant!