News Brief: Students elect CJB and Forum members

Anderson Blum, Reviews Editor

On Thursday, September 6, 2018, CJB and forum student elections were held.

The class of 2022 heard and voted for candidates to represent the freshman class in forum, the student governing body; electing three candidates for one-year terms. The classes of 2021, 2020, and 2019 voted for members of CJB, the students’ judiciary organization. CJB members serve terms of two years.

     Class of 2019 elected to CJB: Addison Anderson ‘19 and Azalea Hallin-Graber ‘19

     Class of 2020 elected to CJB: Sam Deignan ‘20

     Class of 2021 elected to CJB: Audrey Ronan ‘21 and Rachel Winkey ‘21

     Class of 2022 elected to forum: Anisa Thompson ‘22, Annabelle Swigert ‘22, and Peter Johnson ‘22

Both the junior and senior classes now have three members on CJB, while the sophomore class has two. The next student elections will be in the spring when sophomores and juniors elect forum representatives for their respective grades.