The Best croissants Minneapolis has to offer

Josh Power, Sports Editor

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of common pastries. Cookies, cakes, and rolls are all delicious, but my favorite has always been, and always will be the croissant. In my opinion croissants are largely underrated, overshadowed by these more popular and mainstream goods. Looking to publicize croissants, I have traveled around the Minneapolis area searching for only the best of these flakey delicacies.



Located on Lake Street East in Wayzata, Bellecour is a little bit of a drive from the city, but well worth the trip. The French restaurant is very popular, but it’s the bakery that is the real treat. Here, I sampled the basic butter croissant. Yet, it was anything but basic. My first bite was amazing, an explosion of flavor. The croissant’s crunchy exterior paired really well with its soft interior, making for a delicious treat.


Baker’s Wife offers a wide variety of croissants, both savory and sweet, but I opted for their Nutella croissant. It was fantastic. This croissant was doughy on both inside and out, creating a chewy and sweet consistency. While I think that there could’ve been more Nutella inside, the croissant was still great overall, and I would definitely go back.


My next destination was Patisserie 46 located just outside of uptown, where I bought a ham and cheese croissant. This croissant was smaller with a thicker crust. Sprinkled with sesame seeds, the croissant contrasted heavily with the two previous ones in both flavor and consistency. The salty cheese and tangy ham blended well, and all in all the croissant was a tasty snack.


While Starbucks is widely known for their coffee options, surprisingly they offer delicious croissants. Opinions on Starbucks pastries vary greatly, but I found their butter croissants delightfully chewy and rich. I will say that compared to the other higher end bakeries, Starbucks’s croissant doesn’t stack up, but is great for an on-the-go snack.