Review: Tori Ramen

Wyatt Dayhoff

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I’ve been to a couple of ramen places, but I had never been to Tori Ramen. It is delicious. Tori Ramen is in Saint Paul. While not close, it is worth it. The venue is tiny but comfortable with dim lighting, calm music, counter service and an open kitchen where you can see the chef cooking.

Wyatt Dayhoff

My family and I sit down and are immediately greeted by the server, Paja. She was bubbly and open to my taking pictures and asking questions throughout the hour we were there, and overall the service was fantastic. We got our food and check fast, and Paja checked in on us frequently. Those spheres of the restaurant were great, but the star of Tori was their food. What makes them special according to Paja is that they don’t use pork and they make their noodles fresh. They use chicken as their primary meat. It was scrumptious in both my mom and dad’s ramen. I ordered the “Salted Duck” instead.

My ramen: It had juicy, melt in your mouth duck, a savory chicken broth, pickled carrots, eggs and thin noodles. It was practically a perfect package, especially when you add in a homemade root beer, but for me, I always like a bit more salt. They truly have ramen for everyone, including duck, vegetarian, classic shoyu with chicken, and spicy options. If I were to give a rating out of 10, I would give it a 9 due to the salt levels and distance from my home. Overall, I recommend any person who likes ramen to visit.

Wyatt Dayhoff
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