‘Hype House’ Lacks Hype, Creativity

Hype House gives group of TikToK creators chance to collaborate

Meara Sullivan, Contributing Writer

Social media has become an overwhelming part of the lives of nearly every American teenager, with many glamorizing the lives of Instagram models, YouTube stars, and now, TikTok stars.

In the past year, TikTok, formally know as Musical.ly, has become an extremely popular platform that allows users (TikTokers) to share no more than 60 second videos with their friends, the public, or just keep privately.

Recently, certain TikTokers have been able to earn money by amassing millions of followers that dedicatedly watch their content, often comprised of dancing and comedy sketches. While many have expressed that the app is simply ‘a joke, it’s certainly not for the teens who have turned the platform into their full-time jobs.

Using their newfound fame, two creators, Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, have created a space where numerous creators can come together and create content in a house dubbed The Hype House, comprised of nineteen members, with only four living in the house itself. The house is named after the phrase The Hype, used when followers dub a creator as being immensely popular. Founder Petrou explained his vision of the house to The New York Times stating, ìIf someone slips up constantly, they’ll not be a part of this team anymore.î Adding, ìYou can”t come and stay with us for a week and not make any videos, it’s not going to work.î

Similar spaces have come to life in the past, such as Jake Paulís failed Team 10 meant to foster the same kind of environment, meant to be a safe-space where creators are able to express themselves, be creative, and collaborate. But, with the rules mentioned by Petrou, as well as the eventual downfall of Team 10, it is clear the house is more of a money-making machine than a place to inspire true creativity. 

While there is value in entertaining and making people laugh, it is also extremely important that more teenagers recognize the rarity of this career, as well as the fact, that like much of social media, TikTok is only a highlight reel put before the audience.