Nixta: Reheat Flavor

Easy, delicious, Nixta offers lots of variety


Cleo Kilpatrick, Staff Writer

Nixta is a Mexican takeout only restaurant in Northeast Minneapolis. Each week they come out with a different menu. There is one meal per week that is always gluten-free and you can request substitutions when ordering for vegetarians or vegans.

     You can order online and choose to either pick it up on Tuesday or Friday, but you must pick it up between 3-6pm on your chosen pick up date. After you pick it up all you have to do is reheat the meal and it is ready to eat! Nixta provides the reheating instructions.

     My family and I ordered carnitas with fresh corn tortillas. The tortillas are what Nixta is known for. They are homemade with heirloom corn, limestone and water. The flavors in the tortilla went great with the carnitas.

     We also ordered chips and guacamole. Both are homemade. The guacamole isn’t spicy or too salty; it had the right amount of seasoning. The chips were big tortillas with just more crunch. These also tasted very fresh and went great with the guacamole and salsa.

    I would give Nixta 5 out of 5 stars. Their take-out process is very safe and efficient and their food is fresh and has great flavors! Next time you are craving Mexican food check out Nixta!

     Nixta is located at 1222 NE 2nd St, Minneapolis, MN 55413. It is open Tuesday and Friday from 3-6 PM. You can find them online at