Say Warm Hello to Hola Arepa

Restaurant feels safe, inviting, offers new options


Molly Seidel

Molly Seidel ‘24 ordered the Chorizo Sausage Arepa served with a side of yuca fries, chimichurri sauce (vegan) and aioli verde (tangy house mayo) sauce.

Molly Seidel, Staff Writer

I ordered lunch from Hola Arepa and had a great experience. According to their Instagram, Hola Arepa is a “Latin Street Food” restaurant located on Nicollet Avenue.

My experience ordering from Hola Arepa was nothing but positive. The website is user-friendly, the staff was kind, and the contact-less pickup felt very COVID-19 safe. They serve an array of Latin foods but specialize in arepas.

They offer a variety of arepas, such as slow roasted pork and chimichurri chicken. I ordered a chorizo and egg arepa with plantains on the side. An arepa is a sandwich-type dish but instead of regular bread, there is a flattened, pancake looking bread with a delicious and unique consistency. The arepa I ordered was spicy, filling, flavorful, and unique.

I had never tasted anything like it. It included egg, cheese, chorizo, cabbage, and much more. The first bite was an explosion of different flavors and it didn’t stop from there. It came with two sauces, aioli verde and chimichurri, which added a mixture of flavors to the arepa.

I was not as much of a fan of the plantains. The consistency was unsettling and mushy, and the sauce/cheese on the side did not compliment the plantains well because the plantains were sweet but the sauce was savory. The most delicious aspect of this meal was the yuca fries.

Although the meal only came with four yuca fries, they were large and different from any fry I have tasted. They had a fluffy and simultaneously dense consistency and had a lot of flavor to them. Paired with the complimentary sauces, aioli verde and chimichurri, these fries could beat most fries in the market in my book. My experience with Hola Arepa was very positive and I would definitely recommend anyone to try out this unique restaurant.

Hola Arepa is located at 3501 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis

For more information visit their website