Caribou Offers Refreshing Summer Drinks

Variety of unique caffeinated and non-caffeinated beverages

Cleo Kilpatrick , Staff Writer

Are you getting tired of ordering the same drink before school? Caribou is my go-to coffee spot, especially in the morning. I love that itís local and the baristas are usually super friendly. Here are some caffeinated and non-caffeinated drinks Caribou offers to spice up your mornings!

The Strawberry Mango Sparkling Boost drink is a caffeinated fruit juice. To me, it tasted like a sparkling fruit juice. I got it with carbonated water, but you can choose to have it still or blended. It was very sweet and light. The carbonation in the drink balances out the sweetness making it lighter in the mouth. For me this drink is too sweet for a morning drink, but if you like drinks more on the sweeter side then I would definitely recommend trying the sparkling green tea lemonade.

The Sparkling Green Tea Lemonade drink is a non-caffeinated drink. In this drink there is green tea mixed with lemonade and you can get it with carbonated water or still. This is more on the sweet side but not too sweet. To me, green tea has an earthy taste to it but the carbonated water dilutes the tea flavor and the sweetness of the lemonade. Even if you donít like tea this drink is worth a try. The lemonade and tea are a great combination. They really balance each other out. If you want a sweeter drink in the morning then I would highly recommend trying this drink next time you are at Caribou.

Cleo Kilpatrick

The Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Mocha is a new drink Caribou has just added to their menu. This drink was less sweet than I expected. It tastes like a regular mocha which is a blend of coffee and chocolate and then this drink has a hint of strawberry flavor. The strawberry flavor is mild so it doesn’t overpower the drink. If you like coffee with a little hint of sweetness then you will love this drink because it is a combination of sweet and a little bitter since there is coffee in it. I am not a huge coffee drinker and I really liked this drink.

Out of all the drinks I reviewed, my favorite was the Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Mocha. I liked this one because it was different from my usual order and the flavors complemented each other very nicely. The next time you are at Caribou change up your order and try something new!

Cleo Kilpatrick