Legacy Day Serves As Time to Connect Together

Lisa Sackreiter clarifies misconceptions


Charlotte Opp

Jim Arnold and Sally Countryman ‘23 place ketchup, oatmeal and other goods into the Legacy Day donation bins.

Legacy Day has been an integral part of the school community for the past 16 years. This year, it will continue to make its impact with the theme being “come to the table, belonging, contributing and thriving.” Lisa Sackreiter, director of community service, described the service activities stating “Our service activities are connected to food and organizations that provide food in the community. Two of our four color groups are packing food in the ice arena. It’s a fortified flavored oatmeal that will be distributed to kids through Every Meal…two of the other groups will be packing matter snack packs.” However, despite common misconceptions, Legacy Day isn’t about just service. Sackreiter commented that “Its both [community service and community bonding] it’s very much about building community within Blake…one portion of that is this service action that we take together but that’s 45 minutes of the day and we are together for 6 hours. Its about building connection and belonging at Blake and one of the ways we do that is by serving together.” The community rarely gets the opportunity to get together across all campuses, so it’s important to take advantage of the relationships that are built through Legacy Day. 

Legacy Day is a complex and intricate process. Lisa Sackreiter commented that “We just had legacy day in April and so we got a bunch of surveys, we always put out a survey to see what kind of feedback we get…we have a Legacy Day advisory committee that got together once…there wasn’t a lot of space but I got some feedback from that group.” The service portion of Legacy Day also takes a lot of planning, Sackreiter added that, “We started reaching out to different organizations and seeing what might be possibilities…once I had some possibilities I shared them with other administrators at Blake and said “here are some options what should we move ahead with, here’s what it would cost” the cost factor is part of determining what we do as well.” Additionally, Sackreiter emphasized that “There have been absences from upper school students which is disappointing but those who showed up last year… were fantastic.”