Easy Apple Cider to Warm You Up

How to spice up your store-bought drink


Cleo Kilpatrick, Photo Editor

It’s that time of year, the leaves are reddish orange and the weather is a little brisker. This is the perfect time of year for apple cider. This warm flavor filled drink reminds my taste buds of fall and pairs perfectly with any other fall treats. It also tastes great in the morning or at night! My favorite thing to do is buy apple cider from the grocery store and then add my own spices and enhance the apple flavor. I like my apple cider to have a strong cinnamon taste so by adding cinnamon sticks and apple slices it gives the cider a nice zing! 




3 cups store-bought apple cider 

3 cinnamon sticks 

1 apple, sliced 

1 pinch of ginger for more spice 

1 orange slice for more sweetness


Instructions: Pour the apple cider into a smallish sauce pan and put the rest of the ingredients in with it. Let it sit for about 20 minutes on medium high heat. Then it’s ready to serve! Super easy and delicious. Enjoy!