Bakeries to Make Your Winter

Nearby options have a lot to offer


Kate Rekas

Rustica has a plethora of pastries to choose from to enjoy alongside whatever other drinks you decide to order.

Kate Rekas, Opinions Editor

The Minneapolis area boasts numerous quality bakeries, all serving delicious delicate pastries and treats, but some outshine others. Some of my personal favorites are Rustica, Bellecour Bakery, and Isles Bun and Coffee. 

Each bakery has its own specialty. For great coffee and a cookie or scone, go to Rustica. Rustica has been a long-loved study spot, and for good reason. The cafe offers specialty and classic coffee drinks, and all of them are arguably top-tier. 

For those not a fan of coffee or prefer a pastry to go with, there are endless options. My personal favorite would be any variety of scones or cookies. I particularly love the current scone and ginger cookie. 

If you’re looking for a croissant, delicate sandwich, or chilled patisserie dessert, stop by Bellecour Bakery, located inside the store Cooks of Crocus Hill. The croissants are on par with the pastry’s Parisian ancestors and are always freshly made every day. There are also excellent sandwiches and French patisserie items that come pre-made and are ready to go from an open display fridge. 

The bakery is named after a bustling town center in Lyon, France called “Place Bellecour.” Prior to the pandemic, Bellecour was a full restaurant and Bakery located in Wayzata on Main Street. The restaurant/bakery had to close but the bakery aspect and its delicious pastries were relocated to the Minneapolis North Loop area. 

A childhood classic and beloved spot by Minneapolis-dwelling teens is Isles Bun and Coffee’s Puppy Dog Tails. These delicious cinnamon roll morsels are the perfect size and true to the name. They are about the length of a dog’s tail of cinnamon roll pastry with cinnamon sugar and a delicious spread of cream cheese icing on top. If those don’t sound tempting, Isles Bun and Coffee also offer scones, cookies, and more sweet buns.