Lunches Leave No Crumbs

Students see improvement in lunch quality, lunchroom layout

Winnie Ulland , Staff Writer

Returning to school after a semester abroad came with many surprises, but the most notable was the dining setup, tech, and style transformation. Contrary to last school year’s lunches, in which students were served the main course throughout the lunch block, the main entree is now self-serve at times, offering students more freedom with their portions—a definite perk. The layout improvements don’t end with the two self-serve stations. The cafeteria also has incorporated two grab-and-go stations, a power bowl line, and three spots to pick up dessert.

In addition to these changes, students are offered more flavored water options than ever, encouraging hydration throughout lunch. The salad bar also boasts more options than ever, with fresh fruit, vegetables and dressings. The grab-and-go station carries various options that allow students to grab lunch and take it with them to study, attend club meetings, and socialize during lunch outside of the busy dining hall.

One of my preferred grab-and-go items is the BBQ chicken sandwich. This option has definitely become a favorite to pick up when homework piles up and my lunch block turns into an impromptu study hall to finish remaining homework. As someone who hasn’t eaten school lunch since the fall of my freshman year, this year has made a significant difference. There’s always something I can eat in the cafeteria, and the increase of options and improved layout have shortened the lines that used discourage me from even attempting to dine in the dining hall. Overall, the thought that has been put into improving the dining experience encourages students to actually attend the lunch period, and eat the food provided, a welcome change from years past.