Know your stuff: A review of Minnesota’s Governor’s race

Know your stuff: A review of Minnesotas Governors race

Why should I care?

It’s fun to get informed! Whether you are voting or not, it’s important to know who is going to be calling the shots for the great state of Minnesota. Read about who’s in the race for Governor below.

What names do I need to know?

Mark Dayton-Democratic, Jeff Johnson-Republican, Hannah Nicollet-Independent

What are the issues?


Dayton: Like a true Blake alumnus (see Spectrum’s January 2014 issue), Dayton believes that every child should be able to get a “world-class education.” His plan is to continue putting money into financial aid, all-day kindergarten, the achievement gap, and small classes.

Johnson: Johnson believes parents can make the best decisions on their children’s education. Every parent in the Minnesota area is most definitely wondering if this means they have to chaperone ANOTHER field trip. Johnson also wants to focus on narrowing the achievement gap and plans to increase spending on education by $4 billion. That’s, like, nine zeros?

Nicollet: Nicollet is pulling a Michelle Obama and trying to get more nutritious food into Minnesota’s school cafeterias. The real question is: does this put our chocolate milk in jeopardy?  However, Nicollet mentions that Minnesota has had the highest ACT scores in the nation for the past eight years, so our education can’t be too shabby. No, this does not mean you can log your ACT prep hours as service for the state. Nicollet is also working to get more funding for education.


Dayton: Dayton plans on crossing the Transportation problem when he gets to it-no strong policies in store here.

Johnson: You may see this guy burning a few bridges if he is elected! Johnson says that he will focus on rebuilding roads and bridges for safety.

Nicollet: Might as well hop over to Sebastian Joe’s ice cream shop and rename the Nicollet Ave. Pothole flavor after Hannah because this gal is not too keen on spending precious dollars on reviving Minnesota’s fifty-year-old roads and parking lots (see Blake Student Lot).


Dayton: Dayton believes he can save the state a very healthy $1 billion dollars through health care payment reform. First things he is planning on cutting? The bubble gum you get after your flu shot. In his first term, he created MNsure, the Minnesota version of Obamacare. However, this system has not worked as well as hoped, so don’t expect to see continued funding for that.

Johnson: Johnson doesn’t love MNsure or Obamacare. He wants to change Minnesota’s healthcare system to be market-based so that Minnesotans can make their own medical decisions.

Nicollet: Joggers and yogis run abound Minnesota, making us one of the healthiest states in the US, however it is still expensive for us to get sick. Nicollet is advocating for insurance portability, more plan options, and most of all, simplicity. Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 3.27.55 PM