High school isn’t all sunshine and rainbows… or musicals

How not to make the same mistakes as Troy Bolton

Sarina Dev, Staff Writer

Dear Freshmen,

Welcome to the Upper School.

I’m sure a solid 50% of you were expecting something along the lines of High School Musical. But, no. I mean, sure,  at one point your stress level will be equivalent or even higher than Troy Bolton during his senior year trying to decide between basketball and singing, (see “Scream” High School Musical: Senior Year) but that doesn’t mean a choreographed ballad will help you finish your math homework. And, I wouldn’t expect your advisor to have the same quirky personality as Mrs. Darbus but I guarantee 100% that they will get just as annoyed as her when you throw all your papers in the air yelling that it’s summertime. What time is it? Not summer. (see “What Time Is It” High School Musical 2). But, I mean, if you really need your spirits lifted on a day full of tests and projects and annoying classmates, just remember that Troy Bolton once danced around a golf course in a testosterone filled rage. Will you feel better after that? You can bet on it! (see “Bet on It” High School Musical 2).