A Love Letter to Cashews

Why everyone’s favorite snack should be cashews

Natalie Sabes, Contributing Writer

I really got into nuts during quarantine, particularly cashews. A lot of my friends make fun of me for my love for cashews but I think they’re the perfect snack. They are rich in fatty acids, protein, and antioxidants, plus they are absolutely delicious. Some may say that cashews are not the perfect snack, but I disagree. It’s very important for you to find your perfect snack that you know you can always enjoy when you’re looking for something to snack on.

Some snacks that I do not relish in as often as cashews include Wheat Thins, popcorn, Cheez-Its, pita chips, and tortilla chips (with salsa or guacamole, of course). These snacks do not level up to cashews, but they’re good options to have as back-ups. 

Next, we look to fruits and vegetables as snacks. My favorites are grapes (bonus points if they are frozen), watermelon, and oranges. One of the few fruits in season during winter are oranges. There honestly are not a lot of fruits that are not that great during the winter -like berries, apples, pears, etc- except for oranges. We are about to enter the Minnesota tundra, so I would recommend getting your Vitamin C from oranges this season. My recent vegetable favorite has been sugar snap peas. They are almost as great as cashews. They remind me of cucumbers in that they feel like you are eating water which is a weird yet cool experience. They have an incredible crunch, so when you want to be healthy but are craving a snack, eat sugar snap peas!

I hope you add all these snack recommendations to your grocery list, because you will always be satisfied with what is in the pantry and fridge.