Punch Pizza Review: A Delicious Classic

Neapolitan-style pizza warrants stamp of approval


Punch’s classic Margherita pizza with basil.

Cleo Kilpatrick, Contributing Writer

     Punch Pizza is a popular pizza chain in the Twin Cities. Their pizza is baked in a wood-burning brick oven imported straight from Italy. Personally, I like this style of pizza better than home-cooked pizza because the Punch oven gives their signature crisp crust.

     I ordered their Margherita pizza with basil. It’s flavor is deliciously light, salty, and it has a charred crust. The sweet sauce of crushed tomatoes with fresh basil leaves is seasoned well and perfectly complements the cheese and crust. It doesn’t make the pizza taste too heavy. I also like how there isn’t too much mozzarella on the pizza. For me, too much mozzarella makes a pizza taste like rubber. 

     Another great item on the menu is their caesar salad which goes very well with the Margherita pizza. It is a classic caesar with a perfect lettuce to dressing ratio. Punch’s salads also come with a side of focaccia. The focaccia has a charred crust like the pizza and is well salted with rosemary on top. Overall, I give Punch a 5 out of 5; I would definitely recommend it. It is my go-to place when I am craving pizza.