Vegan Pizza Lucé Tested

Toppings, crust, cheese, sauce put to test


Pizza Lucé’s vegan Garden Veggie pizza.

Zoey Ueland, Contributing Wrtier

As a vegan, finding vegan pizza has never really been a challenge. However, finding good vegan pizza is another story.

     With pizza being one of the most popular foods in America and the number of vegans on the rise, it is inevitable that restaurants begin to serve vegan pizzas.

     One restaurant that has started doing this is Pizza Lucé. Their menu features countless Vegan Pizzas including the Garden Veggie which I tried.

     The pizza was covered in veggies, as the name suggests, had red sauce and vegan cheese.

    Although I was excited at the prospect of a warm, crunchy crust, gooey cheese, and yummy veggies, this pizza failed to meet my expectations. For one, the crust failed to provide the crunchiness I craved and lacked salt which led to a rather bland flavor. Also, compared to other vegan cheeses I have had, this cheese was a little

thick and had an odd texture.

     However, overall the taste was delicious and though I did not love the texture, it wasn’t awful. 

     The sauce to pizza ratio was great, and the overall taste of the sauce was good. It had a nice amount of salt and was well seasoned. For someone craving a good pizza that happens to be vegan, Pizza Lucé proves to be a solid option.