Young Joni Impresses

Bold flavors, takeout ease yields positive experience


Young Joni’s Korean BBQ pizza.

Sara Richardson, Managine Editor

Young Joni, owned by Chef Ann Kim, offers a twist on regular pizza. Their wood-fired pizzas are globally-inspired, bringing a variety of flavors.

The different types of pizzas had surprising ingredients and were uniformly outstanding.  These are not your standard pizzas with tons of sauce and cheese.

     Young Joni creates a new twist on the classic meal. The crust did not taste like it came out of the freezer. Instead it tasted like it was freshly made.

     My favorite pizza was the Korean BBQ with beef short ribs, mozzarella, scallion, arugula, and sesame soy chili vinaigrette. The unexpected ingredients formed a mix of sweet, savory, and rich flavors. The Basque with Spanish chorizo, mozzarella, goat cheese, piquillo pepper, red onion, and castelvetrano oil offered a more sophisticated take on pizza.

The restaurant mixes cuisines and ingredients in an unpredictable yet excellent way. However, if goat cheese or short ribs on pizza is not your thing, their simple pepperoni pizza does not disappoint. Seemingly simple, the ingredients’ quality is incredible; you never feel the pizza is doused in grease or cheese.

If you are looking for a new twist on pizzas or are interested in trying a new restaurant, Young Joni is the way to go, as take-out is incredibly easy.