Homemade Pancakes Eclipse Frozen Counterpart

Frozen option appeals to constrained time, refrigerated version appeals to taste


Jason Rotenberg

The Eggos pancakes are pictured on the bottom left plate and the homemade pancakes are featured on the upper right plate.

Jason Rotenberg, Contributing Writer

I regularly enjoy pancakes, and I am always confronted with the choice between frozen versus homemade pancakes made with a baking mix. After conducting a complete comparison, I have concluded that my homemade pancakes are preferable options to frozen pancakes.

It is important to note that I do not add any toppings to my pancakes. I really like my pancakes the way they are; without any syrup, butter, fruit, whipped cream, etc. In order to conduct a fair comparison, each pancake had chocolate chips, but no toppings. 

I made my homemade pancakes with Buttermilk Pancake baking mix from Trader Joes. When prepared, these pancakes boast a nice rich flavor, and you are able to add your preferred amount of chocolate chips (or any other topping such as berries) to the pancake mix. The baking mix requires 1 cup of water and 1 egg for each batch, and, after cooked, the pancake will resemble a delicious bread-like consistency. 

Making frozen pancakes, however, requires only a short amount of time, but you are left with a mediocre pancake. The taste is good, but not something to crave. The frozen Eggos chocolate chip pancakes had a chewy consistency. 

Although preparing homemade pancakes takes a considerable amount of time to measure, mix, and cook, the end result is worth it. This being said, I will still pick the frozen pancakes for a quick, delicious breakfast. 

Ultimately, my decision is based on time, even though I prefer the taste of homemade pancakes. If time wasn’t an issue, I would choose the homemade pancakes every time.