At-Home Dining Experience Maintains Taste, Preserves Diners’ Health

An ideal take-out dining option for the COVID-19 conscious

Jason Rotenberg, Contributing Writer

During the COVID-19 pandemic, take-out may be the safest and preferable option for some diners. If that is the experience you desire, Campiello is the perfect place to pick up food to eat at home. When I tried their takeout, I used my own silverware and did not play music, as one may experience in the restaurant, but while eating I did not miss those things that typically define the restaurant dining experience. The food and the presentation captivated me, so I was not deterred by missing some of the minute details about the in-dining experience, such as background music. I opened my takeout box and the dishes were very well presented. It made me feel like I was actually at the restaurant, even though I, in reality, wasn’t. 

Jason Rotenberg

I ordered five different dishes for a delightful three course meal. For my appetizer, I ordered a caesar salad. The salad was one of the best that I have ever had. The croutons weren’t too soft and nor were they too crunchy, making them a perfect addition to the fresh iceberg lettuce mixed in a tasty, homemade caesar dressing. For my main course, I ordered three unique dishes, all leaving me satisfied. First, I ordered a delicious chicken breast with a side of mushroom spinach risotto. All the ingredients in the risotto blended stupendously making a great side of the chicken breast. The chicken itself was moist and not too chewy, making for a delicious eating experience. The next dish I enjoyed was a margarita pizza. The pizza crust was cooked very nicely, and there was a perfect balance of pizza crust, cheese, and red sauce in each bite.

Jason Rotenberg

The final main course that I ordered was a penne pasta with roasted chicken, artichoke, and lemon. Note the dish came with chili flakes, but I took those off. All of the ingredients in the dish created an enjoyable flavor and the pasta was very moist, making the dish even better. When I ate all of these dishes, the food tasted as if it was fresh out of the oven, and was very warm. This added on to the restaurant-like experience even though I was at home and the food had traveled all the way from the oven to the box to the car to my dinner table.

Jason Rotenberg

I also ordered a side of parmesan french fries. The parmesan made the flavor of the fries more complex, giving me a great item to nibble on while I enjoyed my meal. To top it all off, I got a chocolate mousse cake for dessert. The cake consisted of a very rich chocolate frosting assorted into a cake shape, topped with some nut shavings to add a crunchy flavor to the soft chocolate cake. 

All things considered, I overall enjoyed Campiello very much, I give it a ten out of ten stars, and I can’t wait to eat there again.