It’s Snack Time!

Best snacks for you this spring

Max Yousha, Staff Writer

After a long day of school, before sports practices or other extracurricular activities, having a snack can be vital to making it through the afternoon. Whether it’s right after school, late at night studying, or anytime in between, the fuel is necessary to keep a student going. Snacks have great energy, protein, and nutrients that are essential for anyone, especially growing high school students. Choosing these snacks is extremely important, as it can become a habit, and one good snack is better than snacking on junk food throughout the afternoon. The top two things that I value in my afternoon snacks are nutrition and taste.

First, taste. if the snack doesn’t taste good, it won’t satisfy my mood or hunger, especially after a long day at school, and a likely mediocre lunch. Some things that make a snack tasty are sweetness or saltiness. On either side of that spectrum, a snack can be very good. Some good salty snacks include Gardetto’s and pretzels. Some tasty sweet snacks include candy bars, cookies, and trail mix.

The other thing I look for in my snacks is nutrition. The key to good nutrition is protein, because protein is proven to keep you full for a longer period of time. It keeps me nourished until dinner or a later time. Other nutrients that are important are fats and carbs. A few tasty nutritious foods I enjoy after school are yogurt, bananas, and other fruits. These are quick and easy for timesake, and they give a good amount of energy and nutrients. Along with that, they are tasty!

Overall, it is extremely important to take the time to eat an afternoon or evening snack while studying, doing an extracurricular activity, or just sitting at home. When choosing a snack, make sure to take nutrition and taste into consideration.Best snacks for
you this spring