Exotic vacations wear on Blake students

With the recent conclusion of spring break, an outbreak of exhaust from taking expensive and exotic vacations afflicted many Blake students according to recent sources. “I really just could not handle the like, 12 hour flight from here to London,” says Macy Andrews ‘17.

The apparent lack of footroom, “disgusting” other passengers, and lack of good wifi made the half day flight to her five star hotel located in one of the pulsing hubs of London a serious reason for stress. To add to her pain, “the landing was really bumpy. Like, really really bumpy” according to Andrews.

This issue with egregious discomfort over such an extended period of time appears to be only exacerbated with the mention of in-flight food, sources report. John Harrington ‘18 laments, “Oh don’t even get me started on the ‘meal’ they gave us. I could have cooked better turkey breast blindfolded. What a joke.”

“I was on my way to the Virgin Islands, and let me tell you that flight is not easy. My seat only reclined around four inches,” he continued. When asked about his two week long leisure stay in the beachside resort, John merely stated it was “pretty cool,” before ranting about “some women who left her reading light on the whole time.”