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M&Ms on pizza--try it before you knock it!

Emily Rotenberg

M&Ms on pizza–try it before you knock it!

Emily Rotenberg, Staff Writer


Oreos and orange juice:

This is a refreshing combo that doesn’t leave your cookie soggy like milk. If you’ve ever tried milk and cookies, the cookie soaks up all the milk making it crumble into your drink. Orange juice doesn’t do that. It leaves a refreshing citrus taste at the end making you want another cookie. This combo is so good because orange and chocolate are used in many desserts like chocolate cake with an orange meringue. The orange juice and Oreos balance each other out making for a delicious treat.

Rate:  8.5/10

M&M’s on pizza:

This has become a popular food combination recently. After trying this sweet and salty combo myself, I can see why. Pizza is a classic comfort food, it has a savory flavor that most cannot pass up. M&M’s, on the other hand, have a sweet, chocolatey crunch to them. The two elements are combined to make a perfect sweet and salty mix. The M&M’s also added a crunchy element to the dish. If you aren’t adventurous and you don’t want to try this let me reassure you, it tastes like the name “M&M’s on pizza,” so go ahead and try this sweet and salty combo.

Rate: 7/10

Salt and pepper on apples:

This is a combo that you probably haven’t thought of trying. It’s a nice, simple combo if you are looking for something a little different from the classic apple slices. For the most part, the apples taste the same but the salt and pepper add a little more flavor at the end to make it taste unique. Out of all three of the combos, this was by far my favorite because of the flavor was so subtle but made the apple so much better.

Rate: 9/10