The math wing to the third floor, an arduous journey

Many will fall but few prevail


Fiona Duffy

Josh Wilson ’18 struggles to finish the climb from the math wing to the third floor.

I see sun rays peak above the summit as I take a deep breath before continuing to climb. With every step my pulse gets faster, my heartbeat quickens, and I grasp for more air. Okay, sure, I wasn’t tackling a “real” mountain, but the walk from the math wing to the third floor is basically Everest.

For one, Everest transcends multiple layers of the atmosphere like the floors of the school. Once you’ve survived the blind corner that opens to the staircase without colliding with a teacher or student, you have begun your journey.

The first layer of the Blake atmosphere is the first floor. You must pass by the door while avoiding the teachers who can easily spill their fresh coffee on you after they emerge from the teachers’ lounge.

While you pass the second floor, you have to avoid awkward small talk with teachers–like making up an excuse for the fourth time you forgot to retake a skills quiz with Mr. Mahoney–and attempt to get past the half-asleep kids walking to their homeroom.

You can see the glimmer of light from the door to the third floor… but you’re not there yet, and the last stretch is the hardest. You can make the decision to take a minute rest and compose yourself before throwing open the door to see a bunch of Sophomores cuddling on the couch…

But, if there are people around you, you must maintain your cool exterior while hiding your heavy breathing and sweaty forehead after conquering the massive climb. You know they’ll try to hold the door open for you, and you don’t want to look like you’re not in shape (granted, though, it’s pretty evident now that you should hit the elliptical more often).

You made it! Okay now either play off walking really show behind the kid in front of you so you can breathe really hard and collapse in agony, or quietly enjoy the walk by the mural while using every ounce of energy to contain your exhaustment.

Now that you’ve survived the walk from the math wing to the third floor, you can conquer anything… even that pop quiz in the English class you’re about to walk into… okay well maybe you should’ve actually read last night.